Cup Loan Program Application 2024. How to Apply Step-by-Step?

Are you seeking funding for your rural project? So don’t worry, I have a solution for it. This blog article will discuss everything related to the cup loan program application online.

I will guide you as easily as possible on how to apply for this program. I also describe who is eligible for this program and what documents are required. So after my guide, you can apply for this program within 15 minutes. So, let us get started.


What is the Cup loan program?

The USDA Rural Development offers the cup loan program. The program aims to make life more advanced and improve economic growth. It offers low-interest rates and flexible terms rather than other commercial loan programs. The cup loan did not require a lot of paperwork for approval, just basic documents required. This program is very useful for medical emergencies or who need quick money for their projects. The cost for this program is only a cup of tea for borrowers in their daily lives. This feature makes this program more attractive to people in rural areas. USDA Rural Development administers this program and operates under section 306 of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act.

The program can be used for various types of projects, such as:

In the education system, the program is used to purchase various equipment, improve the classrooms, upgrade the furniture, and upgrade the technology for a student for a better learning experience; same in other fields, this program improves and expands the business.

Cup Loan Program How to Apply

The process of this program is very easy and simple. This program requires some personal and business information. Go to the official website of this program, click on the About page, and you will see the application form; fill out the form and submit it; if you are eligible, you will receive an email from this program. In the information below, I explain how to walk through the application. 

Cup Loan Program Application – Who can apply?

The Cup loan program offers low-interest rates with flexible terms and conditions. This program is for everyone who can meet the criteria; there are some conditions for eligibility for this program. 

Eligible for this program, the borrowers must meet the following criteria:

  • To be eligible, you need to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Your project must be located in a rural area with a population of 20,000 or fewer.
  • The poverty rate in the area must be higher than 80% of the state’s nonmetropolitan median household income.
  • Your project must show that it is financially feasible and sustainable.
  • The project should meet the rules and regulations of local laws.

How to apply for a cup loan program?

Here, I explain the steps you need to follow:

1. Contact Your local USDA Rural Development Office.

You can visit your local USDA rural development office or contact this program’s official website. They will guide you through everything about the application, and they will also inform you according to your requirements whether you are eligible or not.

2. Prepare your application package.

Here I explain the necessary documents for the application which include: Purpose, scope, cost, action, and beneficiaries.

  • Detailed project report: Design and specifications.
  • Preliminary engineering report: Project site and environmental conditions.
  • Loan repayment and facility operation report.
  • Legal authority and capacity certification.
  • Resolution designating official representative.
  • Form RD 1942-46: Basic project information.
  • Form RD 1942-47: Loan terms and conditions.

3. Submit your cup loan application package.

There are several ways to submit your application. First, you can submit your application package through RD Apply, an online portal allowing you to create and manage your project online; on the other hand, you can send your application package through email or apply by visiting the USDA Rural Development office.

4. Wait for Approval.

After submitting your application, the USDA Rural Development team will check your application to see whether you are eligible. This process may take several months, depending on the complexity and size of your project.

5. Receive Your Loan.

If the USDA Rural Development team approves you for the loan, you will receive an email where the program will require more information and give you the terms and conditions you need to accept them. It may include obtaining permits, insurance, and environmental clearance. After completing the steps they ask, you will receive your funds in your bank account.


The repayment terms and conditions depend on the borrowing project, how big the project is, and the income flow of the borrower. Different things matter; the maximum repayment period is 40 years.

Yes, the borrowers can combine the Cup loan program with other funding sources. Borrowers must ensure that there are no duplicate funding sources.

Here are the fees of the Cup loan program:

$100 for one-time application fee

1% for one time of initial service of the loan amount

0.5% is the annual service fee of the outstanding principal balance

5% late payment fee of the overdue amount

1% prepayment penalty of the prepaid amount if you pay off your loan before maturity

Yes, the cup loan program is legit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers this program with low-interest rates and flexible terms and conditions. Schools, hospitals, fire stations, or community centers in small rural towns can apply for this loan.


The application process of the cup loan program is straightforward, with flexible terms for the project in rural areas. That makes it more attractive for borrowers. By following some simple and easy steps, the borrowers can apply for this program and receive funds quickly. The program is designed to support various projects in education, business, and more. The eligibility criteria are clearly defined. Overall, the cup loan is a legitimate opportunity for borrowers.

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